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Where in the world is MBoffin?

Sep 23, 2003 — You all may know Mboffin as the l33t honcho geek of this website, but literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of people with little pixelated bodies know mboffin of There.com fame. Dylan has been noticeably ABSENT from our little metaverse, and inquiring, concerned minds with too much spare time want to know what's up with him? : )

He's not being good about answering emails either *grin*

*pokes MB with a stick*

Dylan says:

Very true, I have been absent. Absent from e-mail, IM, this site (mostly), etc. I've been under pretty heavy load lately working to get a project done for work. Unfortunately, that's caused a lot of things to get backlogged, like e-mail, IM, work on the new site, and general contact with people I know online. I'll try to keep in touch more, though, so everyone's not wondering where I am. :)

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